Mandel’s behavior is offensive

To the editor:

Josh Mandel’s behavior is atrocious and offensive to the public and abusive to us taxpayers.

He falsely claims as state treasurer that he’s focused on his job and not his own political career. The facts tell a different story. Mandel became treasurer in 2011. Just a few months later he began running for the U.S. Senate. In May of that year, he solicited $100,000 in campaign donations from Benjamin Suarez. Suarez faced legal troubles at the time. he gave Mandel the funds only after Mandel sent a letter – on official treasurer’s letterhead – on Suarez’s behalf – that threatened California government officials.

And that’s not even the start of his problems.

Mandel recently came under fire for hosting campaign-style townhalls – to the tune of $99,000 in taxpayer funds – during a re-election year. Before that he created an official award that he used as a publicity stunt for largely GOP donors. Three of them gave to Mandel’s campaign within weeks of receiving the award. One was directly solicited.

And that’s only in the last two months. The facts speak for themselves – Mandel has no integrity.

Connie Pillich will bring accountability to the Ohio treasurer’s office – integrity matters.

Clara Frey