Customers should always come first

To the editor:

I feel I need to comment on Mike Ribar’s letter, “Smart business tactics,” that appeared in the June 22 edition. Parking, parking, parking – it seems that most cities have struggled with this issue time and again. Should we have metered parking or should we offer free parking?

Since the advent of malls and shopping plazas, many downtowns have opted to provide free parking as a convenience to their customers. So is the case in downtown Steubenville. Once free parking was provided, it became apparent that business owners, employees and other workers were parking their vehicles on the street all day. Increasingly. customers were finding it difficult to find a parking spot. This is especially true in the 100 block of North Fourth Street and Market Street, where there are no parking lots and where most of the businesses are located today.

Therefore retail businesses, banks, restaurants, attorney’s offices and doctor’s offices depend on curbside parking. The writer states that his business does not depend on store-front parking. Evidently his business does not have senior citizens who may have health issues that make it difficult to walk several blocks.

This is a new concept in business tactics: Let store owners and employees park free all day in front of their businesses and have the customers walk blocks to their destination.

We hope the writer will cooperate with the rest of the businesses by respecting their customers’ needs. It’s only through cooperation and doing what is right and just that one may see his business be successful in the next 50 years, as some have achieved already.

Jerry Barilla

Frank and Jerry

Furniture and Appliance