Let’s help young people

To the editor:

I have written before that we have to find ways to help our young people who are troubled and confused about their lives and where they fit into this society.

Recently, we heard about a privileged young man again, who enjoyed the finer things in life because of his family’s wealth, decided he wasn’t being accepted by fellow students and young ladies rejected him. He got even by stabbing and shooting about 12 of them, of whom six have died.

We recently had a young man who put explosives around our City Building and laughed at the judge who was trying to talk to him. Thank God this time no one was hurt.

I have offered suggestions that we can reach out to these kids and give them the chance to talk out their problems. I am sure there are many more ideas out there to help these young people to talk to someone who can help.

I asked our leaders, school leaders, city leaders, church leaders to step up to the plate and take the lead. If we all decide to bury our heads in the sand and hope it never happens, we are making a big mistake.

After the shooting in California, I watched with tears in my eyes one of the fathers whose son was killed tried to tell us what a great kid his son was, and with tears running down his face, asked why our politicians and leaders won’t do anything to help.

Let’s hope and pray that none of our mothers and fathers will have to go on local television and tell us what a great young person their child was.

We give out awards for many good deeds people do every year. Next year, let’s recognize the person or group who prevented a massacre of young people who are going to lead us into the future.

Tony Yachini