Be proud of successful benefit

To the editor:

Recently my husband and I attended a benefit in Steubenville for Pam Pizzoferrato, a longtime Steubenville resident who is going through cancer treatment. The benefit was of course to raise money to help with her medical expenses.

Pam came into our life five years ago when my son and his wife delivered triplets and desperately needed a “special” person to help with the babies since Mom and Dad were both returning to their jobs. Pam answered our prayers for just the right person and has been like part of the family since day 1. The triplets just celebrated their 5th birthday on May 1, and even though Pam is going through treatment, etc. she was right there celebrating with us.

The reason for this letter is not about the triplets or my family. What it is about is the family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and those who didn’t even know Pam who came out on a Saturday evening to support a wonderful person in need.

My real reason for this letter is to praise the Steubenville community for giving up their time and money to give to this very special person.

Being from another area, we have heard some negative comments about your town over the years but after visiting our son and his family and attending this benefit for Pam, I see nothing but warm, caring and loving people.

It’s too bad the persons who have spoken ill of Steubenville weren’t able to see what we saw on May 3.

And to those of you who planned, donated, decorated and worked this amazing event, our hats are off to all of you.

The list of duties I’m sure is endless, but included, organizing, getting donations (food, baskets for the drawing items for the Chinese auction), preparing the wonderful meal, decorating (which was beautiful), making the containers for and popping the popcorn, selling the popcorn and other items (which by the way – my son, daughter-in-law and grand kids sold approximately $700 themselves) – and that’s a lot of popcorn.

Seriously, we were so impressed with everyone’s hard work and dedication to support Pam, and we are so thankful that we were there to experience your amazing community effort.

We know there were endless hours of other preparation/cleanup that we don’t even think about, so from my husband and me to all of you, “Thank you for the love you put into the evening” and you should all be very, very proud of the successful benefit you hosted.

Sandy Weltmer

Loudonville, Ohio