The world of Cowboy O

To the editor:

The interaction between the Obama administration and the American public has become a Sesame Street cartoon.

In 1971, Sesame Street produced an animated cartoon about a town called Sniddler’s Gulch. The main character of the piece was a robust and imposing cowboy who called himself “Cowboy X.” Cowboy X galloped about the landscape shouting “Letter X! Letter X! Yippee!!,” and using an ink stamp to prominently mark the citizens, animals and everything else with a large letter “X”.

Citizens of Sniddler’s Gulch were very agitated about the situation, but no one knew what could be done about it. A small boy suggested asking Cowboy X to stop. Townspeople agreed that he might have something to offer. So the boy finally confronted Cowboy X and asked him to please stop marking everything with Xs.

Cowboy X immediately responded, “Why sure I’ll stop from now on,” he said, “I’ll be called Cowboy O.” Cowboy O then proceeded to gallop about the landscape shouting “Yippee!” and marking everything with a large letter “O.”

“And the citizens of Sniddler’s Gulch lived happily ever after, because they really weren’t very smart!”

Examples below and many others too numerous to mention represent the ever expanding legacy of “Cowboy O.”

An Army psychiatrist at Fort Hood in Texas shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and proceeded to shoot, wound and kill a number of fellow soldiers. The act was designated “workplace violence” even though the perpetrator admitted his objectives were those of a terrorist or at least an enemy combatant.

On Sept. 11, 2012, a well-armed and organized group affiliated with al-Qaida engaged in a pre-planned, coordinated, successful terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Despite explicit CIA field communications to the contrary, the administration defined it as a spontaneous protest that grew violent.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) seized control of about one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Higher taxes, penalties, higher deductibles, increased costs, decreased efficiency, reduced choices in hospitals, fewer participating doctors and the same total uninsured as before are defended as benefits of “universal” health care coverage.

The application of Obamacare caused downsizing and reduced hours for large numbers of employees. The Obama administration redefined lost jobs and fewer hours as freedom from the need to work in order to pursue artistic dreams and hobbies.

Earth’s climate has been gradually warming for about 20,000 years – a cyclical process whose patterns are minimally impacted by industrial emissions, fossil fuels and flatulent cattle. Since more than 10 years of steadily increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide failed to bring about man-made global warming, the administration redefined the expected result as climate change. At the same time the EPA accelerated application of restrictive, costly and counterproductive environmental policies intended to arrest and reverse what has not happened.

If the general public remains deceived, ignorant, apathetic and self-interested, soon the sign at each U.S. port of entry and border crossing could read: “Welcome to Sniddler’s Gulch.”

Henry Rechen