Steubenville T-ball swings and misses

To the editor:

As a parent of a 6-year-old there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child with a giant smile on his or her face. As a high school and college baseball player, I loved the sport more than anything, and I fed the love of baseball to my son on a daily basis. Maybe a little too much. Nonetheless, I, as any parent, want what is best for my child. Signing him up for T-ball in Steubenville, I fear, was a mistake.

As I write this letter it is Wednesday, and there has been just one single practice. Opening day was canceled due to inclement weather, and no one is to blame for that. All other city leagues have already played five to seven games. It seems that there in no interest from the league about T-ball, only Pony League and up. In my opinion, a child loves or hates a sport from the first time they lace up their cleats or pick up a ball. The lackadaisical approach taken by Steubenville Little League shows our children that what they are doing is unimportant and not worth the league’s time.

One thing for sure is you can’t blame the coaches, because they are only given access to the fields on certain days and time slots. The league claims they need help, but who is going to volunteer when everything is in such disarray?

Finally, sign-ups were about three or four months ago. The fee was $40 and all the kids get is a hat. They now want back the T-shirts that don’t even have a number on the back. It sometimes feels like a cruel joke, and then reality hits that it’s not a joke at all. When I played in Steubenville as a child, there was a parade, every team played and all together it was a fun-filled day that I can still remember at 34 years old. Please, Steubenville, bring those days back.

Terry Richardson