Some things to think about

To the editor:

Perfect examples of phlyarologists are the valley amigos who distort facts and belittle opposing views. Their poor attempts at rebuking facts is pathetic at best and deceitful at worst. To prove my point, I challenge them and their ilk to dispute the following:

Polls reveal 64 percent of Americans believe there is a coverup by the White House of the Benghazi and IRS scandals, and 62 percent want Congress to continue investigating since Attorney General Eric Holder is stonewalling each investigation. The reason all these scandals happen is because the culture exhibited by President Barack Obama is if you help him he’ll protect you and nothing will happen to you. Gee, he may even promote you. The IRS, FBI, CIA and now the Veterans Administration cover-up are just a few examples of incompetence being rewarded. Obuma’s puppet Holder refuses to look into anything except voter ID laws passed by sovereign states.

Think about this: Lincoln, Garfield, JFK, Ford and Reagan were shot or killed by Democrats. In 1984, there were 22 killed at a McDonald’s; in1986, 15 were killed at an Oklahoma post office; in 1990, 10 were killed in a GMAC office; in 1991, 23 were killed in Luby’s cafeteria; in 1995, five were killed in a Texas laboratory; in 1998, eight were killed during a church service; in 2011, shots were fired at the White House in an attempt to kill George Bush; in 2003, seven were killed at a Lockheed Martin plant; in 2007, 32 were killed at Virginia Tech; in 2010, six were killed and U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was wounded; in 2012, seven were killed at a Minneapolis mall; and in 2013, 26 were killed at a Connecticut school. What do all these murders have in common? All were perpetrated by Democrats with guns, not one memer of the NRA, the tea party or a conservative was involved. I conclude that the government should make it illegal for Democrats or liberals to have guns.

Dispute this, amigos: The president’s mother, grandmother and grandfather were communists, and his mentor is a black liberation theologist pastor preaching hatred of American. His ghost writer is a convicted terrorist. He believes more in Saul Alinkski’s “Rules for Radicals” than he does the Constitution. He stated Obumacare is the law of the land for three years – get used to it. I say the 2nd Amendment has been the law of the land for 222 years – get used to it. All the president does is speak in abstracts. He never had an original idea, speaks empty rhetoric, never ran anything, (except serving as a community organizer, which is code for communist agitator.) So, you really think he has America’s best interest at heart?

Why does Mexico require citizens to show tamper-proof ID with a thumbprint to vote? Yet, liberals think if we do that here it’s discrimination.

Barry Bardone