Remembering mom on special day

To the editor:

In all of the trials we endure in our lifetime, it is a day to reflect on that one person who helped us in each shaky step we have taken through the years.

On this Mother’s Day, I only have memories of a loving mother who was truly my best friend.

I honor and respect her and am deeply thankful for the many years we spent together.

She molded my life to always do the best I could, and when making a mistake, it was mine alone to correct.

For other daughters or sons, it might have been an aunt, a grandmother, foster mother or one who has adopted children, but her role is of great importance – she gives many years of love and sacrifice.

The woman who mothers has many titles. She becomes the nurse, the teacher and the one who disciplines. She is the woman who brings cookies to school and children to church.

Mom has seen us through childhood, graduations, our first jobs and marriage. She is there for her grandchildren and emotionally supports us through losses and illness.

She is a gift from God who taught us faith, hope and love. Mom calms the fears and dries the tears. She shows us strength through example, of how to handle our own private wars.

Who will treasure their mother? She always has the most beautiful smile, the woman who stands beside us in our sorrows and assures us that everything will be all right.

Then, she is in her older years, and the roles of mother and child are given one to the other.

Who will love grandma? It is your turn to remove the tears and the fears. It is your place to bring them comfort in illness. Will you feed them, bathe them and make them feel as comfortable as you can?

It is your turn to give the medicine and gently lift them into bed.

This is when you understand how much a mother does for her children. She never seemed to tire – why did we become so worn?

You read her stories and sing her favorite songs, as she hums along. You talk about the many moments you have shared in laughing or in crying, in planning a surprise for someone or in praying together.

One morning we will awake from a restless night and hear a soft voice calling from the next room, “Mommy.”

You are amazed that she can talk again and run to her side. You hear one more word, “Home.” The smile on her face is one of joy and peace. It is then that mother has said her goodbye and begins her journey and we are suddenly a little girl again who still needs her advice.

She has reached her final glory and we know, in our hearts, that she will touch the hand of God. This is her season to rest.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I love you so much, and I miss you.

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork