Lovers Lane work questioned

To the editor:

Call me crazy, but does there really need to be a lot of expensive modification to Lovers Lane and Mall Drive? There are fewer than 70,000 souls in all of Jefferson County, and how many on any given day are traveling to the mall?

If, in the beginning, there had been no access onto Lovers Lane, all shoppers would have made their way along John Scott Highway and would have been happy. There are a lot of very nice homes along Lovers Lane, and they were there long before the mall was. Putting in a roundabout or turning lane is foolish and needless, and it won’t solve the slowdowns caused by mail trucks or school buses.

Leave the residents of Lovers Lane alone. Close and abandon the Mall Drive access onto Lovers Lane and let everyone go one more mile to John Scott Highway and shop all day.

Gloria Milhoan

Colorado Springs