A look at some claims

To the editor:

Reading the letters to the editor on April 13 made me wonder if the “teapot” writers were having some kind of stupid contest, or what?

Their claims are becoming more and more desperate, incongruent and without merit. It’s been said that “ignorance is bliss,” and if that axiom is true, these teapots are certainly the happiest people on earth.

Since one of the writers seemed to be in the mood to quote famous and not-so-famous thinkers of the past, please allow me to take a shot at making one of these thoughts actually relevant.

Descartes, a much more astute, critical and deeper thinker than those mentioned by the writer, postulated “I think; therefore I am.” Apparently, the quality of the thinking involved is completely irrelevant to the existence.

Turning to the never-ending task of fact-checking these drones is daunting, if not impossible, due to the copious amounts of bull excrement they disseminate. Just a few shovels full should clean up enough to show the floor of the barn.

One claims that religious freedom is under attack. Why we are even discussing contraceptives is mysterious, since only 98 percent or 99 percent of women have used them. Thanks, “Rick Sanatorium.”

Hobby Lobby is currently in the Supreme Court attempting to make the case that corporations should have the right not to cover contraceptives because, somehow, they have religious beliefs.

Aside from the fact that Hobby Lobby has stock in birth control-producing companies that make the actual abortion pills rendering them nothing but hypocrites, there are even more compelling reasons not to allow this nonsense.

Certain religions don’t believe in blood transfusions or transplants or many other treatments. How would you like to work for one of these? Oh, we’re not going to cover that “godless” blood transfusion, or it’s our “religious freedom.”

Another writer claims that President Barack Obama has changed blood pressure standards, will reduce military levels and is making bracelets for monitoring, among other tea fallacies.

Only one of these claims has any resemblance to the truth. The truth, in this age of technology, is that this country spends more on its military than the next dozen countries combined. Yet, the writer cries and bemoans all the “big government spending.” If you wish your country to go broke, then follow this lead. It’s what Osama Bin Laden wanted, isn’t it?

One more thing: Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., lied about Volkswagen refusing to bring more plants to their state if the employees went union. At least, that’s what VW says.

Are there cracks in your teabags or cracks in your teacups?

Next, deadbeat Cliven Bundy in Nevada.

Bob Atkinson