Wintersville levy deserves support

To the editor:

Those of us who live in the village know how fortunate we are. The mayor and his administration work very well together. We have a no-nonsense police department that keeps us safe. Throughout our village you see walkers moving about with no fear, and that is the way it should be.

We have a state-of-the-art fire department and medical service always at the ready. Our maintenance department showed us what it is capable of during this awful winter. They did an outstanding job with snow removal. I have found the workers I have spoken with, during a water line break or other services being performed, very courteous and would answer your questions when asked.

We sometimes are quick to condemn and slow to commend. It is time to commend them for a job well done. The mayor and his administration have shown us the responsible manner in which they utilize our tax dollars. Now, it is time for us to show them our support by overwhelmingly passing the renewal levy on May 6.

This is one levy I will enjoy voting for. Yes, we are lucky to live in our village.

Robert R. DeFrank