Miller rooted in our area

To the editor:

For those who have been paying attention to the election campaigns and the race for Jefferson County Common Pleas Court judge, I would like to set the record straight: Michelle Miller has been working hard in every part of our county, explaining her qualifications and her plans, should she be elected. She does this because she believes that every part of this county matters. However, her opponent, Craig Allen, claims she has little experience and it not truly a Jefferson County attorney. Even though he knows otherwise, Allen is portraying Miller as an attorney from somewhere else and not rooted in this county.

Miller is a confident, knowledgeable attorney who has experience handling a variety of complicated legal matters. She also has experience in a judicial role, in that she currently serves as a magistrate here in Jefferson County. I personally know Miller is rooted in this community and exceptionally qualified because she mentored me when I was a young attorney. She guided me through my very first cases, which were pending right here in Jefferson County. These is no question Miller is from here, is rooted here and will serve this county well. It is true that she has tried cases in other counties (at least eight that I know of), but this is not evidence of where she is from, but rather, it is a testament to her skill, knowledge and understanding of the law.

I have lived in Jefferson County my entire life, and I have known Miller for many years. She graduated from Buckeye North High School with my aunt and two years behind my father. Miller currently has her law office in Brilliant, just blocks from where she went to school more than 30 years ago. I also know she is rooted in our community, because every year in July she takes a week’s vacation to teach at Bible School for the Smithfield-area churches.

She also is a devoted mother and wife. She helps her husband with his business and was even a Girl Scout Troop Leader when her daughter was younger. Even with her unwavering devotion to her family and community, she continues to be passionate about the law. She has been involved as a committee member of the Jefferson County Wine Festival, the Buckeye Local mock trial team and the mock trial program. She also is a deaconess in her church in Smithfield, where her mother has been the organist for more than 40 years.

I want the people of Jefferson County to know the facts about the candidates so they can select an honest, hard-working and qualified judge for our common pleas court. Despite the unsupported statements of her opponent, Miller has run her campaign positively and with respect and dignity, which is exactly how she would conduct herself as judge.

Bruce Clark Jr.