Make sure you vote with your head

To the editor:

While it is true that Edison Local School District has some financial woes, as do other districts, and the children do need an education, the whole truth about this levy needs to be told.

A 5.45- mill levy will cost the taxpayer $5.45 per thousand of tax evaluation. If you have a home that is tax evaluated at $100,000, your taxes will go up $545, and the tax evaluations on our homes are not going to go down.

With federal taxes going up, deductions being cut back or taken away and a tax levy of this size being asked for, you must think before you vote. Can a person on a fixed income who owns a home afford this size of an increase?

There are other options available. An example might be a countywide, single school district for the three local districts, leaving the two city school districts to stay as they are.

One school board means lower administrative cost, and that means more money can be directed toward education.

There are some weaknesses to this example, but you must use your head, not your heart to vote.

James Wilson