JVS levy deserves support

To the editor:

The Jefferson County Joint Vocational School again will place a levy on the May 6 ballot.

A 0.5-mill levy will be on the ballot and we will be requesting your assistance again in passing this levy renewal. The levy is for repair or replacement of tools and equipment and up-keep of the facility.

We strive to serve students in the best manner possible, and, with your assistance, will be better able to meet the needs of students in classroom and lab settings. We prepare students for careers and for college in a professional setting designed to simulate the workplace. This setting enables students to be engaged in their learning with professionals from their career field. In recent reports, nearly 80 percent of new jobs require skills, and these young people are prepared with these necessary skills to find employment.

In this economy, an education that is student-centered and focused on the interests of students is a quality education that can take them farther than they could have imagined as they enhance their skills. As a fellow taxpayer, the education at the JCJVS is of great benefit to the community, as many of those who have attended the JVS are scattered throughout the community in professional positions such as mechanic, carpenter, electrician, welder, business owner, health care provider, etc. They represent what the JVS and the valley prefers to stand for – hardworking, dedicated employees who strive for success.

As you make your way to the polls on May 6, please support Issue 3 – the renewal of the JVS 0.5-mill levy.

Todd Phillipson


Jefferson County

Joint Vocational School