JVS fills vital role

To the editor:

If you had the opportunity to receive training for your dream job or the chance to learn academics in related courses for a job using the best technology available, would you be interested? If you could be taught employability and entrepreneurship skills, making you invaluable to your employer, would you enroll?

Today’s young people have that opportunity in the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School. To keep that opportunity, voters in Jefferson County are being asked to support the renewal of the 0.5-mill renewal levy (no new taxes.) It will appear on the May 6 ballot as Issue 3.

The levy will be used for current expenses, for purchasing tools and equipment and for improving the building and site. Through school operations, the JVS will update equipment to provide training to our junior and senior students so they can receive knowledge to make them employable as carpenters, computer techs, cosmetologists, electricians, service technicians, welders, etc. – for careers now and in the future.

Look around, from your secretary to your health care worker to your diesel engine technician, JVS completers are successful; they are working because of their educational training at the JVS. We give valuable, hands-on training in many career fields, inviting students to provide science-based solutions to technical job problems, giving multiple opportunities to learn. Each day, we strive to provide quality career technical training and education to make our students successful in their trade area.

Please remember to support the JVS this May by exercising your right to vote for Issue 3, the JCJVS 0.5-mill levy – no new taxes.

Thank you all for your support. It is very much appreciated.

Dorothy S. Blaner

Executive secretary

to the president and

JVS levy committee treasurer