Edison Local deserves support

To the editor:

Friends and concerned citizens of the Edison Local School District, I will keep this brief.

I intend to vote “yes” for the Edison levy, Issue 2 on the May 6 ballot, and I am asking all of you to do likewise. My family alone has benefited greatly from the education received in Edison schools.

Folks, we are blessed beyond measure to have this educational institution in our midst. We just celebrated a beautiful Easter holiday. At my church, we sang a song that included the words “Every morning is Easter morning; From now on, the guilt is gone and we are the Easter people.” The thought struck me – we could turn that song into ours – “Every morning is Edison morning; The guilt is gone because we are the Edison people.”

Please prove it by voting for this levy to keep Edison going for years to come.

Thank you.

Mary Ellen Grafton