Brooke levy important

To the editor:

On May 13, the citizens of Brooke County will have the opportunity to vote on the renewal of the Brooke County excess levy. This levy is a continuance of the levy that has been in effect for the past 27 years.

It provides partial funding for the following agencies: Brooke County Ambulance Service, $201,584; Brooke County Health Department, $143,887; Brooke County Public Library and its Follansbee branch, $141,124: Brooke County Parks and Recreation Commission, $84,532; West Virginia University Extension Service, $60,380; Brooke County Courthouse – maintenance, repair and improvements, $55,250; Brooke County Senior Program, $40,016; Healthways Inc. (including Brooke County Opportunity Center and mental hygiene proceeding costs), $38,438; Mary H. Weir Public Library, $24,073; and Brooke County Museum, $10,000.

It will raise a total of $799,284.

The excess levy must be passed in order for these agencies to continue their present services to the county. Their services are important to the quality of life and economic welfare in Brooke County.

Sixty percent of the voters must vote “yes” in order to pass the levy. Failure to pass the excess levy renewal will result in curtailing of services by these agencies.

Please vote for the excess levy.

Ruth C. Lewis

President, Brooke County Library Board of Directors