We must put our trust in God

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the person who wrote the letter “Placing trust in the Lord” that appeared in the Feb. 16 edition.

I call myself a Christian, and my title is Brother Bill. I talk about God to almost everybody I know and even to those I don’t. The reason I’m writing is that with God it’s not a half-truth or half-effort – we put our trust in God, who is everything to us who follow him with our whole heart.

The point I’m making is that it is great to do so, but I feel a lot of people are amiss in their walk with God, for it’s easy to see it in this area. Churches are too scared to do the work of evangelism, street preach and to take Jesus into areas that are controlled by Satan. The Bible is power, with God’s might, with a wisdom who seek it, but most of all , those do his great will know this, for we seek Christ as lord of everything, and not just in words, but in mighty deeds to God is the glory, not mine.

The area I have lived in is so full of arrogant people who were blessed by God, but they are lacking his ways, and slothful in deeds of merit to a real Christian. To this I pray for our area and our people: God have mercy and please help us see the Lord’s work as a way of a perfect life for Christ, casting aside our personal agenda and selfishness, but to open our hearts to following our Lord with renewed spirits and minds cleaned up through his spirit to do his will from the heart, to please our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless us all in Jesus’ name, amen.

William Murray