Questions about motivation

To the editor:

Dubious celebrity “Sweaty Teddy Nugent” called the president a “subhuman mongrel.”

Teapot Domes, this means that the president is less than human, and is the product of a union between different species.

I have trouble with the concept of the president and Nugent being members of the same species myself, but let me assure you, they are.

Allow me to introduce you to the racist and miscreant Nugent. Tough guy? During Vietnam, there were agencies known as draft boards. They decided which of us was fit to serve. Nugent choose not want to serve, and his strategy was not shower for one month prior to his meeting with the draft board, and for one week to defecate and urinate in his pants. He also stated that he would shoot his own men.

The board, rightfully, declared him unfit in what amounted to a 4F designation. In other words, crazy, although they should have added cowardice. They did spare servicemen and women the stain of having him counted among them – he admits to this.

As if this was not enough, Larry Womack of the Good Man Project wrote that Nugent was accused of having sex with a 12-year-old, writing a song about raping a 13-year-old and adopting a 17-year-old ostensibly to have sex with. Then he is asked to campaign alongside family values, Christian conservatives -really?

A draft dodger with a proclivity for underage girls, racist and insane – is this the man you chose to hold sway on your opinions?

He has only been chastised by two conservatives, John McCain and, curiously, Rand Paul. While Paul is not the unvarnished racist that Nugent is, I would argue being against Title X of the Civil Rights Act is merely a more subtle form of racism. Paul is. Title X deals with the right to be served at lunch counters, gas stations and convenience stores regardless of race.

Furthermore, I should comment on what I call the tea pot two-step. It goes something exactly like this – step one, wait for the president to say something; and step two, hate whatever that is.

The animus directed at President Barack Obama is greater than others, with the possible exception of Lincoln. Yes, they hated FDR, Truman, Kennedy and Clinton, but not with the same zeal. Racists, sore losers, corporate lobbyists or excessively greedy billionaires, whatever the motivation, this hatred is over the top and around the bend. What’s different about him? Why is this tolerated?

The ACA was the conservative answer to health care proposed by the Heritage Foundation, That’s why they have no alternative plan.

The Dow is at record highs, the auto industry is strong, the deficit is way down, the economy is improving and jobs have increased for 46 straight months. If this president was a white Republican, there would be a stamp in his honor and the carving would have started on Mount Rushmore.

Bob Atkinson