Be mindful of handicapped spaces

To the editor:

You got $170 to spare?

If you get caught parking illegally in a handicapped zone, you will end up in court and that will be your fine. You may see many people parking in these areas who appear to be perfectly healthy, but do you know what COPD or a heart problem or hip or knee surgery people look like?

I wish I didn’t need a sticker but that’s life.

In the last two weeks, I’ve seen three different offenders just in Wintersville, two at Kroger – one a young man with a sticker who jumped out of the car and practically ran in. We happened to come out at the same time. I asked if it was his sticker and he said he was “picking up Gramma.” He pulled down to the door, looked back at me and left – but no “Gramma.”

A couple of days later, there were two husky men in work clothes in a big pickup truck, but no sticker, obviously. And, a week later, three three teenagers pulled into McDonald’s. I asked the driver if he had $170 to throw away. He just looked at me, asked why, and then moved the truck. I spoke to Wintersville police officer Jason Fabian and he assured me that they do police these areas and will issue a ticket for a violation.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Earl McLeish