Wisdom comes from God

To the editor:

I’m responding to a Jan. 12 letter, “From progressives to your next meal.” Steve Kopa wrote, “Progressives live for the future, conservatives live for the past.”

As a conservative I can adamantly say that I do not live for the past. As a Christian I joyfully await my future of eternal life which the Lord Jesus promised to all who believe in him. Yet in this life, we Christians still hold fast to traditional Biblical values because God is constant, he’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The writer stated that “President Obama understands the urgency for alternative energy sources and that if it weren’t for the EPA, humans would glow in the dark.” Whether there is an urgent need or not, it makes no sense to drastically curtail the use of fossil fuels, as Obama has done, until after affordable consistent alternative energy sources are fully developed and made available. Though the EPA has done a great deal of good, many believe that the overall harm created by the EPA far outweighs the good.

The writer said “Abstinence causes uncontrollable anger with negative results, no matter what one is abstaining from.” Not true. Many people have abstained from alcohol, cigarettes, food, etc., with great success in ceasing completely the bad habits they wanted to overcome. Besides, it is a foundational Biblical principle that God has commanded man, and also enabled man, to abstain from various harmful behaviors, and if it were impossible for us to accomplish, then God would not expect us to abstain.

Finally, Kopa wrote “When one has a strong central form of government, there’s a chance for socialism to occur. The flip side, having a strong unregulated private sector can lead to a sophisticated form of lobbyist, called capitalism, with no Robin Hood to look out for the poor.” Phooey.

The law of the land declares that all men are created equal with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This supports the ideals of a level playing field for everyone who is willing and able to work and pursue. However, life is not always fair and the American dream is not a guarantee – only the possibility is guaranteed. Socialism has never worked well or lasted long anywhere. There is no provision in our Constitution for government to play Robin Hood.

The disastrous Affordable Care Act was never about health care. It’s all about government control over one-sixth of the economy, plus vast control over American citizens. This self-proclaimed transparent president held the health care meetings secretly behind closed doors, bribed a few Democrats who were holding out and rushed the bill through before the public had a chance to know the contents. Then the spineless, foolish Dems passed this monstrosity without even having read it. Shameful. Liberals may be educated and are perhaps intelligent, but so often they lack common sense and wisdom. Wisdom comes only from God.

Doug Snodgrass