Just take a look at the facts

To the editor:

The liberal valley amigos who try to dispute facts with rhetoric and partial truths should please get informed. I understand why feeble-minded voters who try to refute facts, dates and quotes with information received from news media outlets such as MSNBC and the New York Times write such pathetic responses. I understand your dilemma because these liberal news sources report partial truths, lies and, if a narrative doesn’t fit their agenda, will just omit a story. Because of them, you have little factual data with which to respond. If you don’t expand your horizons and seek other points of view, there is no hope for you and you’ll be doomed to believe Obumacare is working and good for the country.

On Wednesday, CBO the testified Obamacare will cost 2.5 million jobs and still leave 30 million people without health care by 2017. Only 8 percent of those who signed up said they had no trouble. Obama cries that the economy is terrible, but he’s president right? He wants another stimulus. The last one worked well, didn’t it? Darn those shovel-ready jobs that never appeared. Doesn’t this guy admit any mistakes? He’s a pure narcissist.

You think he’ll use the NSA to spy on political opponents? Nah. He’s such a honest guy, right?

Where are all the Democrat candidates running on Obamacare? What a pack of losers. “I voted for it before I read it.” Stupid.

Obuma spent $7.5 billion on his global warming scheme. Anyone look outside lately? Oh yeah, we had to send ice breakers to Antarctica to free up a ship full of global warming fools trying to get data to prove the globe is warming. Didn’t see this on MSNBC did you?

The fix is in on the IRS scandal. The Department of Justice’s chief investigator is a maxed out donor to Obama. Besides, Obama said there wasn’t even a smidgen of wrongdoing. It’s an ongoing investigation – how can he make this statement unless he gave marching orders to comrade Attorney General Eric Holder? On Jan. 13, Holder said he wants schools to take skin color into consideration when administering punishment – and I’m a racist?

The IRS budget is $11.7 billion. On Monday, the IRS said it is giving $64 million in moral bonuses. Poor babies. They average $70,000, can’t get fired, have a lifetime job and health insurance – they’re corrupt, liars and hooligans. I have the moral problem.

The president stated we are the No. 1 country to invest in. Sorry, we are 14th behind Estonia. Ireland is No. 1, and 74 percent of Americans still believe we’re in a recession.

Wonder if Hillary Clinton is elected if she’ll send Chelsea as an ambassador to Libya? What difference does it make?

Valley atheists, Ramadan starts June 28. There are several mosques in Pittsburgh. You will be there to desecrate them and put up billboards denouncing them, right? Or are you afraid?

In response to the Steve Hawkins letter of Feb. 2, welcome to the fight.

Barry Bardone