Backlash over ad understandable

To the editor:

Why all the fuss over Coca-Cola’s multilingual “America, the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial? Why, when there’s so much else to worry about?

Well, here’s why: Many of us get it.

Lines must be drawn, sometimes. Certain societal walls must be maintained; as the song says, “you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” There are elements in our society who are all about blurring and even erasing those lines; demolishing those walls, promoting varied, multicultural principles, instead of a single, united, national ideal.

But, many of those who champion the multicultural ethos as all-American, using the ethnic, immigrant “melting-pot” example as their evidence of America’s greatness, well, they’re right.

However, what they fail to take into account is this: our ancestors who came here from other countries wanted very much to assimilate, becoming true Americans, and so were willing to learn the native language of America, which is obviously English. These immigrant ancestors often continued to speak their native tongues in their homes or neighborhoods, but when dealing with others outside this circle, they proudly spoke Americanized English.

Their modern, present-day counterparts, however, aren’t so willing. They, too often, arrogantly seem to expect we native-born, English-speaking people to accommodate them, rather than the other way around, which would be more logical. While still wanting to become American citizens, many reject the melting-pot, wishing to maintain their own cultural identities, rather than to assimilate into our culture.

We’re told, however, that expecting them to adapt is wrong, disrespectful of their culture, and rude. We wouldn’t want to offend them, would we? That wouldn’t be nice.

This is nonsense, clearly.

Would you move to another country without learning at least some of their language? Of course not; that would be wrong, disrespectful of their culture, and rude. And stupid.

There’s a reason for this. It’s called cultural Marxism, an insidious outgrowth of communist ideology. Replacing common sense with ideological, agenda-driven nonsense, cultural Marxist indoctrination seeks the collapse of an enemy society, accomplished by incrementally attacking cultural foundations, language being just one.

Once a peoples’ faith in their core beliefs is eroded, a society can become truly divided, and apathetic toward its institutions and traditions, no longer finding grounds to unite against incursion, either literal or figurative. This is because it loses all sense of national identity, which can then be replaced with anything which comes along. Or nothing.

It has worked.

Anyone who still remembers the strong, noble America of decades past can see the difference; can see that our greatness has been diminished. Were we perfect? Of course not; but we were America, and that said it all.

That, for example, is exactly why there are so many gray and bald heads in the tea party. We remember.

Myself, I find it heartening when there’s this kind of backlash. The recent Phil Robertson “Duck Dynasty” rebellion is another. It gives me hope, because it means we Americans haven’t altogether lost ourselves, or our common sense, just yet.

Rob Denham