We all need some respect

To the editor:

I’ve seen so many tragedies throughout this lifetime, but there is one thing that I still see today and I deal with it myself – that is the process of slow learning.

I’m around many people every day, and as I grow up I tend to find out that people who have more skills in life or are more knowledgeable kind of break away from you once they find out you suffer from this only for the fact you are not good enough for them. These people don’t want to admit to it, but you can see right through them that that’s what the problem is and you know it yourself after being around the person for so long.

I’ve had many troubles throughout this lifetime with people or situations, and as I tried to get matters straightened out it seemed like things always backfired on me only for the fact that I didn’t know how to handle things properly. I took the matters to higher authorities to straighten out, but many knew how my life was so things didn’t get taken care of like they should have. With this happening every time, I felt like people always had the last word and I got walked on.

I’ve lost a few friends during the past few years and most of them were church-related. After these people caught on to how I was, they had no desire to be around me, either. Church is a place to have fellowship, not to shove people away. People within the church, especially the higher-ups, should give respect to each other when you have something to say, not turn their backs away.

Many people have been in this situation and that is why I wrote this letter. Don’t let people walk over you. We do need to show respect to each other and listen to people but it should go both ways.

John Fullerton