Sheriff’s department earns thanks

To the editor:

I’d like to take a minute to acknowledge and thank the wonderful officers and employees at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

Right before Thanksgiving I was the victim of a phone scam. The theft of my money was a huge burden for me, especially since I am a widow with seven children. Because of the hard work and dedication of Deputy Tom Koehnlein and the sheriff’s department, I had my money returned. From the moment I arrived at the sheriff’s office I was encouraged by the interest they took in my situation. The sheriff’s secretary, Kim Kelly, was helpful, compassionate and kind, and Sheriff Fred Abdalla was empathetic and concerned. He took the time to offer his support in my present situation.

Koehnlein especially went above and beyond to help me out. He took the time to pursue this matter for me. It was his industrious and diligent effort that brought me restitution. I am so grateful to the sheriff’s department for their work on my behalf. I only regret it has taken me so long to write this letter of gratitude. Thank you all.

Victoria M. Fallon