From progressives to your next meal

To the editor:

Some random thoughts:

Progressives live for the future, conservatives live for the past. The need for alternative energy sources is urgent and, luckily, President Barack Obama understands the urgency and advocates electricity-saving light bulbs and lower capacity toilet flushes. Why is that conservatives don’t understand that coal doesn’t grow on trees and crude oil takes millions of years to ferment?

Free markets and capitalism are great and the successful American way, with regulation, may I add. If it weren’t for the EPA, humans would glow in the dark.

With photos, whether a portrait or a scenic view, angle makes the difference.

There’s nothing sadder than encountering a child with a forlorn look on his or her face. The pain is unbearable.

Abstinence causes uncontrollable anger with negative results, no matter what one is abstaining from.

You know the old saying, there are two sides to every story, but if a person is too one-sided, one will come across as lop-sided.

Space and time always have been and always will be the terms of one’s life on Earth. If measured by the standards of the universe, life would be 15 minutes or less. Chill out and enjoy.

When one has a strong central form of government, there’s a chance for socialism to occur. The flip side, having a strong unregulated private sector, can lead to a sophisticated form of lobbyist, called capitalism with no Robin Hood to look out for the poor.

The great devastation by hurricanes and tornadoes in the 21st century is easy enough to explain. Fault 20th and 21st century engineering. Some of the buildings being built today don’t have the strength of a good sandwich wrapper.

Start your meal by taking smaller bites like you do when you end your meal and you’re trying to savor that last little bite and you will be slimmer, trimmer and healthy.

Steve Kopa