Beware destruction of the innocents

To the editor:

The season has now ended when Christians all over the world celebrated a special, unique and miraculous birth. Pondering this season, many agree with the statement of Hilary of Poitiers that “God is recognized in everything that is born.” Indeed, all births should be regarded as miraculous, imbued with an immortal soul belonging to the creator.

Now, the progressive element insists all participate in the crime of creating martyrs as done by Herod, and create a new slaughter of the innocents. We have the current administration mandating that destroying that which some perceive as a gift from God become mandatory for all. This mandate is to be accomplished by the force of government. There will be no accommodation for conscience, but required assimilation into the ideology of the left. These elitists care not that participating in the destruction of these innocents has been condemned by Holy Scripture for millennia.

Many of us join with Mother Teresa of Calcutta and believe “children are evidence that God has not abandoned us.” We still have a choice as to whether to obey God or man; to let the occupant of the Oval Office know the decision of life or death of innocent children lies above his pay grade. This can be done as soon as next November. In the meantime, please bombard heaven with prayers that the courts uphold the Constitution.

This mandate has little to do with health care, for true health care does not guarantee at least one death as a result of treatment. What is seen here is a quest for power prohibited by the First Amendment. This is only a vindictive attempt to bend all citizens to the will of one incompetent mediocrity. Perhaps a paraphrase of an old adage is appropriate – if you scratch a progressive, what seeps from the veins is a totalitarian ichor.

Remember, “He crowns his children with a new glory, and in is own made sacred the infancy of all the little ones.” (Leo the Great)

Ed Bednar