Time to look at some change

To the editor:

In case you missed it, our valley is losing one of the few manufacturing plants left in the region. Unfortunately, it, too, is headed for the scrap heap. Workers at Ormet will soon join the ranks of unemployed Steelworkers, and support business entities that made our area a good place to live and raise a family. These are tough times for all of us. The days of towns growing up around permanently created industries are gone. The only thing that will grow is poverty.

The long-touted boom regarding the drilling for gas and oil is suspect, at best. Any jobs that might appear because of it will be temporary and highly mobile. Only the state, county or city with a lot of activity will profit from it through higher tax revenue. If you’re 50 or over, try getting a job in the oil and gas industry – good luck. No training, no experience, no job. You’ll either be under qualified or over qualified.

While our elected federal officials conduct witch-hunts and other distractions, not one job bill is presented to Congress. Yet you hear hypocrisy every day from the likes of John Boehner, telling you what the American people want.

He and his buddies in the House of Representatives strut around in front of the cameras like a bunch of peacocks with full bellies, the best health care money can buy, a salary that’s eight times what most workers are taking home, a chauffeured limo and luxury homes to live in. Represent the American people? Please, don’t make me sick.

The Republicans in the House have done absolutely nothing to create jobs. The only thing they’ve done is obstruct everything presented to them. Where is their jobs bill? Where is their health care bill? Where’s their vote on raising the minimum wage? Where’s their vote to increase veterans benefits? Where’s their vote to feed hungry children? Where’s their vote to secure Social Security and Medicare? Where’s their vote to fund education? All they can do is vote no on anything to help the American people. They’re afraid to vote for anything because the extreme right wing will run candidates against them in the next election.

In short, they haven’t shown that they can hate enough to get the right wing supports. All their energy is devoted to saving their jobs, while working people go broke. This is the worst Congress in American history, and they say the president isn’t doing his job?

If you like to see the towns in our valley become ghost towns, keep electing these clowns. We’d better start paying attention to how these people who have killed our economy, and start changing the diapers.

In May, Pope Francis declared, “The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new heartless image in the cult of money and dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal.” That says it all no matter what Rush Limbaugh says.

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction