Recent letters have been stupid

To the editor:

Recent tea letters have been foolish lies and, for the lack of a more gentle term, freakishly stupid.

Defending obstructionism that, had they won, much wailing and mashing of teeth would have ensued, is ridiculous.

All one needs to know is that since this country’s inception through 2009, the filibuster was used 86 times to block presidential nominees. From 2009 to 2013, it was used 82 times. Eighty-six times in more than 200 years and 82 times in five years is not obstruction – that’s sabotage and subterfuge. Shameful – of course, blow up the filibuster.

Rush Limbaugh sycophants don’t have the ability to think for themselves. Tea totalers, a ditto head is a sycophant, and, according to Webster, an obsequious flatterer. Obsequious means favoring and servile. Look up fawning and servile for yourselves.

For now, let it be enough that he calls you ditto heads. Insulted yet? When Limbaugh or Glenn Beck look at you, all they can see are dollar signs. When they listen, they hear cha-ching.

From 2002 through 2009, 95 percent of income gains went to the top 1 percent. To keep McDonald’s and Wal-Mart employees from abject poverty, we supplement their pay with food stamps. We are helping McDonald’s and Wal-Mart pay their employees with our tax dollars. One would think that conservatives would want them to pay their own wages without our tax-dollar help. Will conservatives support a living wage of at least $10.10 per hour? I doubt it.

McDonald’s and Wal-Mart look at you and see dollar signs and they listen to hear cha-ching. Low prices we pay for.

Moderate Republicans have used you for political gains. You were an asset and are now a liability and embarrassment, since some have located their spines. If one uses a racist to further his or her political agenda, then he or she is no better than the racist. When moderates look at you, they see dollar signs. When they hear you, they hear what? Not yet? Ah, come on, cha-ching. Get it yet? No, you need help. Put down the tea cup and listen.

For now, you must excuse me. The war on Christmas is not going well and I must return to the Kremlin to begin planning the war on New Year’s Day, the war on Presidents Day and all those others.

Not to drive you out of your tiny little minds (that threshold has long ago been breached), but here’s wishing you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas from the amigo across the river.

What? You look confused.

Bob Atkinson