Many questions about president

To the editor:

President Barack Obama ordered his zombies to proclaim the attributes of Obumacare. When it falls on its face he’ll blame them for not pushing his fiasco hard enough. At 8 p.m. Tuesday, the White House disclosed there was no way to collect premiums and pay insurance companies, and the government will take insurance firms’ estimates, pay them and reconcile somewhere in the future with billions of our tax money. How stupid is Obuma? Notice he doesn’t say Obumacare any more, he says Affordable Care Act. He, himself wants to distance himself from it. He wants Republicans to help. He didn’t want their advice in 2008. He and his night of the living dead stars Harry Reid and Nancy “Pinocchio” Pelosi pushed it through from behind closed doors and with Senate rule changes. Liberal politicians are abandoning his shipwreck faster than rats on the Titanic, but he uses his 3D defense: distract, delay, deny. Why elect a Democrat in 2014 and get more of the same?

Obama claims his website will be 80 percent operable soon and that is his great accomplishment. Want your pacemaker or car to work only 80 percent of the time? He said 400,000 uninsured people are now insured but didn’t comment on the 5.4 million who lost theirs. He just can’t tell the truth. Vice President Joe Biden said on Oct. 19 that by Nov. 30 the website will be working “God willing.” Liberals believe in God when they need him.

He knew in 2010 upward of 90 million would lose their insurance. Liberal logic: to insure 30 million, disrupt 90 million families. Families are paying two and three times their original rates. The money they’ll spend now on insurance won’t go for a new TV, car, etc. This has a economic consequence on us all.

Oprah stated on BBC TV she wants all elderly white people to die. So Obama gives her the Medal of Freedom. Using the same logic, what would be said if a white person made that statement about a minority? Wonder if the valley amigos understand my reasoning, or are they color blind?

Notre Dame is suing Obumacare to stop the portion of the bill providing abortion pills. I said five years ago ND was wrong having a pro-baby murderer speak at its commencement. You reap what you sow.

It’s the time of year atheists seek their two minutes of infamy. These lonely, cowardly non-thinkers can’t grasp the concept of the First Amendment. Why don’t these bullies attack Islam and defecate on the Koran? Why are they silent during the Islam month of Ramadan? Because they know Christians and Jews will not retaliate. We’ll turn the other cheek and pray for them. Muslims will seek vengeance. Until I see these intellectuals boycott or desecrate a mosque, they will be cowards to me. Many will pay them to take a vacation in Egypt or Afghanistan. However they must declare themselves atheist when they land. Nothing but cowards.

Barry Bardone