It’s time to turn back to God

To the editor:

We are seeing communism and socialism spread like a deadly disease in our nation, from cities illegally banning guns, to cities illegally taking DNA samples, to forcing Americans to purchase heath care.

They have completely disregarded our Constitution as violation after violation after violation continues to pile up. They know that by swamping our judicial system with violations, thus jamming up the legal system, they can violate our Constitution and before you know it, communism has won the day.

Our nation is in grave danger, folks. Morality has all but disappeared. Our laws are corrupted. Our Constitution is ignored and the fabric of freedom hangs by a thread.

They have made abnormal normal, sin is justified and belief in Jesus Christ made illegal. They have taken our nation by force without the use of actual force and all they had to do is attack our Constitution, our God and our families.

Our only hope is God, brothers and sisters of America. It is impossible to retake our nation with force. We are outnumbered greatly as the entire world is consumed with this globalist one government, one economy agenda. I am not saying to give up, God forbid. The first step we need to take is regain control of our financial institutions. The second step we need to take is put a stop to corporate greed and control of our government and unions. The third step we need to take is to retake our educational institutions by removing immoral government propaganda, progressive politically correct ideals and replace them with common sense, morality based truth. The next thing we need to do is get government out of our schools and put a stop to the brainwashing.

Yet, the time it would take to turn our nation back to that which our Founders envisioned would be much greater then the time it took to corrupt our nation because our people have been brainwashed and dependent upon government, become socialist, communist.

The only way we can change our nation back to a God fearing Constitutional Christian nation as our Founders intended is to hit our knees in prayer to God. Only through God do we have a chance. The hope for the soul of our nation hangs in the balance. The hope for the souls of men is Christ.

America has forsaken her God. It’s time to ask him back before God gives her over to a reprobate mind, before she is forever lost.

The battle for America begins at the foot of the cross. So I ask all to pray for our nation, to pray for our leaders, to pray for lost souls.

Randy Sims