Here’s a wake-up call

To the editor:

In these pages, I’ve read some contributors indignantly declaring the Republicans “obstructionist” in dealing with Democrat entitlement mongering. Well, when it comes to increasingly centralized socialization and the growing, ever more costly, intrusive “nanny state” of our country and government, I personally think they haven’t been obstructionist, enough. Indeed, they often seem all too happy to oblige.

Republicans continue to disappoint. They’re like the Cleveland Browns of politics, except, of course, that the Browns actually do try to win. Every time I hear of another blatant falsehood being exposed, or yet another scandal or stupid, ham-handed blunder coming out of Obama’s ludicrously inept or perhaps intentionally destructive, whichever administration, going virtually unanswered by my Republican representatives, I feel like a Browns fan on Monday.

Ben Gozzie? Who’s that?

Libya, Egypt, even Syria – these, combined, have shown others, especially our enemies, that Obama has, for now, at least, rendered America a tiger of thinner, more brittle paper than even that produced by Jimmy Carter’s milquetoast, Soviet-appeasing machinations.

Like Carter, Obama’s perception of “our enemies” and those generally perceived by America, it often seems, are two very different things. We see enemies as people seeking America’s destruction. Obama funds and arms them.

Congress-circumventing “czars” and endless executive orders; “Operation Fast and Furious”, an ill-conceived policy, resulted not only in the arming of vicious criminals, but also in the murders of innocent American citizens; the NSA scandal, wherein a national intelligence agency gathered data on literally millions around the world, including American citizens; the IRS “mishap”, where “overzealous” agents abused their authority, by refusing grass-roots conservative organizations tax-free status while, improperly, giving preference to more left-leaning groups. Obama’s Justice Department spied on reporters who may have had anti-Obama leanings; there have been complaints by media personnel, that coverage negatively portraying Obama and his policies has been discouraged, by government pressure; the arming of the IRS, and military-grade equipment for the Department of Homeland Security. I could go on.

Also, whenever something happens, he’s so surprised. Responsibility is deflected, others blamed for failures including, still, President Bush.

Where does “the buck stop” again?

I said in a previous letter, there are “gallons of blood in the water.” There’s so much to use against this administration; use it, already! The Republicans should be out there loudly, obnoxiously exploiting the Obamacare mess, like Democrats at a school shooting. Only, with this particular life-and-death tragedy, there are literally millions of victims to exploit, for political purposes.

Wake up, Republicans! Five to 6 million of your electorate stayed home, because Romney was yet another bland, colorless candidate. Many others supported Ron Paul.

The vast majority of Americans are on your side right now, as opinion polls reflect, or at least, what should be your side, we’ll put it that way. Stop worrying about being called racist, if that’s the problem. Liberals have been doing that for decades and will continue, regardless.

Do something.

Have a Merry Christmas, all while we’re still allowed, at least.

Rob Denham