Help needed in locating photo

To the editor:

From Sept. 14 through Nov. 24, 1966, raged the largest operation to date in Vietnam.

Operation Attleboro, named after my city in Massachusetts, saw 155 U.S. soldiers lose their lives. One of the men killed was Spc. 4th Class John R. Caniff of Steubenville. In my attempt to honor the men who died, I am updating the Vietnam Wall Memorial, Wall of Faces Website.

Caniff’s photo is missing and any help I can get in locating a photo would be greatly appreciated. Caniff was born Feb. 7, 1941, began his tour in Vietnam on March 17, 1966, and was killed on Nov. 5, 1966. Please help me ensure that he is never forgotten for his sacrifice.

Bryan Simmons

Attleboro, Mass.