Beware fraud in sweepstakes

To the editor:

Beware of sweepstakes. I got a letter in the mail stating that I had won $360,000, and with the letter, I got a check for $2,400 in which the letter stated that I should take it to the bank and deposit it in my account. In the letter, there was a toll-free number to call on which the person instructed me to deposit the check and then call him back.

Then he said the balance would be delivered to my home within 48 hours. Well, I was told not to show the letter to anyone. I took the letter to my bank and to a personnel employee. That employee read the letters and looked at the check and then got on the computer and checked with the bank in Delaware. That bank replied that the check was a fraud, so my bank made a copy of the letter and check to show to other people coming in with similar items.

I then took the letter to the police station.

So, any time you get this kind of sweepstakes mail, throw it away, check it out or take it to the police.

Ron Fullerton