Too many questions about administration

To the editor:

Does anyone in this country want the national debt to continue to climb above $17 trillion. President Barack Obama doesn’t care. His newly appointed Fed chair wants to continue printing money, making your dollar worth less. That should make your Wall Street people happy, but you middle class worth less.

Why is the price of gasoline well above $3 a gallon since Obama has been president? When President George Bush was our leader, it was about $1.90 a gallon near the end of his second term. Does more than $3 a gallon help the poor or middle class?

Why doesn’t this administration have to answer questions about the fiasco that happened in Benghazi?

Why hasn’t anyone lost his or her job because of targeting by the IRS?

Why is the continual wiretapping of American citizens allowed to continue?

Why have tea party advocates been chastised because they have tried to stand up for ideals they campaigned for and were elected in 2010 to try to achieve? I was in Washington, D.C., when a million people marched on Sept. 11, 2009. These people were caring Americans who wanted something to be done about the soaring national debt.

I could go on for another 2,000 words about what this administration is hiding. The lobbyists are having a field day in Washington at the expense of the American people. Can you trust believing what they are saying they are doing or not doing? I don’t think so.

Mr. President, those awful tea parties are going to draw a red line – remember that term? – in the election of 2014 and stop you cold.

Floyd Hunter