Politicians should be changed

To the editor:

It seems funny that the politicians on all sides continue to warn about the national debt but support an economic system that’s based on low wages, tax breaks for the wealthy and increased personal debt for the working poor.

The economy has been turned on its head in such a way that most working people don’t make enough money to actually buy anything unless it’s put on a credit card or financed through a bank or loan company. In other words, the actual economy that most people live in is based on their abilities to accumulate debt and make monthly debt payments.

How is this any different from how the government is operating? Working people are never warned about building too much debt, but are told to spend, spend, spend. Charge it on your credit card, and pay between 15 percent and 20 percent interest. Corporate profits grow while personal debt speeds toward bankruptcy. Is this how we grow the economy? Is this how we build a fund for retirement or emergencies?

U.S. corporations have broken profit records every year, the stock market soars to more than 15,000 and working families lose their homes and have their cars repossessed. What’s wrong with this picture? Then, we see Congress try to shut down the government, refuse to pay its debt and blame the nation’s debt on people who get Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or food stamps. The system isn’t broken, it is totally corrupted and twisted to benefit those who can manipulate it.

Keep these things in mind when you hear people in Congress say we need smaller government, complete deregulation and less spending on the things that benefit average Americans. They’re being paid to divert your attention toward things that really are of no economic value to you, but mean millions to them. It’s time we see these manipulating liars for who they are, people who want to be re-elected and take corporate money to run their campaigns – money that corporate America wrings out of you.

The self-serving budget hawks in Congress want you to believe that they’re tightening the government’s purse strings because they are concerned about the debt. Who’s debt? There’s only one group who pays all the bills -it’s the taxpayer, not them or their handlers.

They’re going to be fiscally responsible, even if they have to break the total economy, and you, to get their way.

Politicians and diapers need to be changed often, for the same reason. We can’t live in a $10-an-hour economy for another 20 years.

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction