O’Reilly stands on thin ice

To the editor:

This letter is based on the CBS News report about “Killing Jesus,” the gospel according to Bill O’Reilly, that aired on Sept. 29 and was reported by Norah O’Donnell.

What’s happening at Fox News? A station gone awry? Management not recognizing the danger of a man being directed by a higher deity, the Holy Spirit, to do its bidding.

O’Reilly’s admission that he wrote the book after receiving a wake-up call in the middle of the night from the Holy Spirit directing him to write the book, “Killing Jesus” is nothing short of divine. What demon inspired O’Reilly? Without recognizing Jesus the son of God, the messiah, born of a virgin, there is no Christianity today, if the three are left out.

The life of Jesus as just a man wouldn’t have left a blip on the screen in world history.

O’Reilly’s Jesus as just a man. “He was upset with people of his own faith. He was upset that the Jews were taxing, overtaxing and extorting the folks.

“That’s the crux of the ‘Killing Jesus’ theme, that there was a reason he was executed. Not that he was saying he was God, droves of people said they were God. But now, when you interrupt a money flow – now you’re into territory where they gotta get rid of him.”

Why would O’Reilly, a devout Catholic, write a book about Jesus that defends the belief of every atheist that Jesus was just a good old boy trying to get tax cuts for the rich? What a stretch to inject Jesus’ life into today’s political atmosphere.

O’Reilly, you killed the beliefs of every Christian and made the dreams of famous atheists the like of Bertrand Russell and Christopher Hitchens come true.

Without the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, there is no Christianity, no Jesus. Jesus walked on water. O’Reilly’s walking on thin ice and taking Fox News down the deep black hole of no return with him.

Steve Kopa