GOP should stand for something

To the editor:

As our great nation has now experienced 44 consecutive months of private sector job growth (and counting), during which time 8 million private sector jobs have been created, while the stock market is enjoying unprecedented positive numbers and as we continue to progress away from the economic impact of the worst recession our country, and the world, has experienced since the Great Depression, I am curious as to how Republicans and conservatives would be describing the aforementioned achievements if such had been accomplished by a Republican, rather than a Democratic, administration.

I feel the negativity and pessimism currently displayed by Republicans would then be replaced with positivity and optimism, and efforts to obstruct and undermine would be replaced by a spirit of cooperation and advocacy.

Other issues where Republican hypocrisy is evident include their ceaseless attempts to blame the Obama administration for the Benghazi, Libya, embassy tragedy of Sept. 11-12, 2012, where four Americans were killed in a terrorist attack, but no such internal responsibility was charged by congressional Republicans when the worst terrorist attack took place on our nation’s soil, when 2,700 innocent people were murdered, even though forewarnings of such an event were prevalent.

Then the Republicans placed the blame for the tragic event on those who actually perpetrated the event, and rightfully so.

Republicans need to finally admit that it was those who committed this horrific act in Benghazi as responsible, and not continue to attempt to implicate their domestic political adversaries for the sake of political expediency, which is quite disturbing.

Also, Republicans appear to be obsessed with the destruction of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, when such had been proposed by Republican presidents dating back to Richard Nixon more than 40 years ago, the conservative Heritage Foundation for more than 20 years and implemented by 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Massachusetts during his tenure as governor with impressive results.

In review, it appears that the major objection Republicans have with the Affordable Care Act is that is was a Democratic president (Obama) and Congress who were successful in transforming this once-bipartisan concept into the law of the land.

Is it now not finally time for Republicans to actually be for something, as opposed to being simply against everything?

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry