Edison worth fighting for

To the editor:

First of all, I would like to thank all who came out and cast their votes on the issues and offices that needed to be decided on Nov. 5.

However, I am disappointed in the low numbers of votes cast and the lack of prospective candidates needed to fill those offices. Local government is an important part of our American democratic government. If we take that right to vote and those local government positions away, what will we have? It is very important to cast your vote and to get involved in local, state and national issues and offices. This is what our Forefathers founded this nation on more than 200 years ago.

My second issue is in reference to the Nov. 17 letter, “Edison Local remembered.” Yes, we can pass a levy if everyone realizes the facts. First, our students will get an education regardless. The question is, do you, as a voter, want to decide where your tax dollars go to serve your local community? Or do you want to let the state government decide which neighboring district will take over and which neighboring tax rate you will pay? Second, yes, Edison is, and has been, an academic school of excellence for many years. Yes, the voters, board, administration, teachers and students have their work cut out, but I feel an obituary is a little premature.

I, for one, would rather fight for Edison as it is now rather than letting “the cards fall where they may” with the state or neighboring districts.

Thomas D. McConnell