Edison Local remembered

To the editor:

The Edison Local School District, formerly a School of Excellence, died after a lengthy battle with voters in the district. Several attempts to save the district were unsuccessful.

Edison Local is preceded in death by the closing of many buildings, failed levies, staffing cuts and expense reductions.

Edison Local was a consolidated school district serving to educate children in Amsterdam, Bergholz, East Springfield, Richmond, Hammondsville, Stratton, Pleasant Hill and surrounding communities.

Surviving Edison are our children, who once called these schools their own. Edison is also survived by the caring teachers and staff who once were employed in our communities. Last, Edison is survived by the voters in the district who contributed to the demise by their vote.

As a result of Edison’s death, the district has been consolidated with neighboring school districts. Taxpayers in the former Edison district will see an increase in their property taxes, a decrease in their home values and a mass exodus of young families from their communities because there is no support for the education of their children.

It’s too late for memorial contributions; however many lasting memories were made by those who attended Edison.

Sandy George