Tea party hurting country

To the editor:

The tea party is an aberration and should have been an abortion. What started as a movement for good has become what I predicted a long while back. These people have been duped and are promoting the philosophy of Ayn Rand, probably the most radical economist of all time. Her philosophy is take no prisoners and only the right are to survive.

They have a single objective, and that is to eliminate President Barack Obama regardless of what damage they do to the nation. You cannot negotiate with people with this single issue, as they have nothing to bargain with and they want complete capitulation to their cause, which they have no idea what that is, only that they think they have some sort of a mandate to act like idiots.

They rant about big government. Sorry to say, but you cannot operate in this world today without big government in the face of huge corporate conglomerates that would have their way and it would not be for our best interests.

We, as a nation, are going through a dumb period, wherein all information is digested and analyzed and fed to us so that we don’t have to think about issues, only mouth them as though we understand the issue. Anyone who believes that the tea party just sprang up from the masses is an example of what happens when people do not think for themselves and only take CNN and Fox as gospel. These networks are in business to make every event as extreme as possible in order to hold your attention, because, at times, the truth is dull.

We are the laughing stock of the world. Here is a nation with troops all over the world attempting to settle problems, and we cannot take care of our own house. One of our fundamental problems is apathy. The people must take a real interest in government, even in areas they live, not just nationally.

If you live in a district that has a tea party representative, you should consider voting them out, as they have no agenda for the nation – only indirectly aiding in the implementation of Ayn Rand’s policies that are serious and bad for our society and our nation.

Guy Indovina