Remember attacks on our freedom

To the editor:

Two millennia past, an individual, much more than human, a unique hypostastsis, was asked the greatest commandment. Jesus bar Joseph taught that one was to love God with all their being and their neighbor as themselves. When asked, “Who is my neighbor” he continued with a parable showing that the term neighbor meant all humanity. Nowhere in this teaching can one find the phrase, “except for the aged, the handicapped and the unborn.” A developed conscience realizes that loving one’s neighbor precludes murdering them. All humanity had “a right to live in the plane of morality, dignity and security intended by God.” (Henry Morton Robinson, “The Cardinal.”)

Reminiscent of the totalitarian anticlericalism and banana republic suppression of opposition, the petulant child occupying the Oval Office has, with the contraception mandate, decided to dictate what is and is not the legitimate exercise of religion. His administration has even informed the Little Sisters of the Poor, among many others, that they do not qualify as a religious organization and must therefore provide employees contraception, sterilization and abortifacients. Yet, at least 1,500 unions and supporters have been granted waivers.

In President Barack Obama’s quest to engulf not only the country, but the world, with the blood of innocents, the teaching of Scripture and protections of the Bill of Rights are not even given the status of a suggestion. The only sin in the eyes of this “progressive” administration is recognition that there is a higher power than that of the Oval Office. To this gentleman and his administration, tolerance is mandatory for all except deeply held religious belief. Those who look upon the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God are labeled as radicals and relegated to second-hand citizenship. By using government power to punish morality, tax and confiscate income, the freedom to pursue sanctity is denied.

Not everyone is able to sufficiently tranquilize his or her conscience in order to participate in the abominable mandates of Obamacare. Save us, oh Lord, from the morally bankrupt attempts to force all to participate in grave sin. May we all “Rejoice in hope, be patient under trail and persevere in prayer.” (Romans 12:12) and remember the attack on our freedoms during the next election.

Ed Bednar