Obamacare at crux of problem

To the editor:

President Barack Obama expects to profit from continued government shutdowns of various agencies and facilities. Paraphrasing his own words, he rejoices that a disgruntled public may ultimately plead for a restoration of funding to keep operations running, in hopes the GOP, with whom he perversely refuses to negotiate, will get all the blame.

Obama may well consummate his gloat. On the other hand, public exposure to what is going on in Washington may cause a backlash, much to his chagrin.

An obscure agency that approves new breweries, labels and recipes could cause huge delays throughout the rapidly growing small beer industry, whose customers expect innovative seasonal brews on a timely basis. A portion of the ocean has been closed off to watercraft of all sorts since Uncle Sam’s watchful eye is not there to peep on what everyone is doing out there (we love you, big brother.) Various military historical sites and memorials have been barricaded while immigrants are permitted to stage a protest on “the closed to the public” Mall in D.C. Obama’s puttering around on the golf course is deemed an essential operation and is thus afforded protection at taxpayer expense while PXs are closed to troops buying groceries.

A special agency to monitor the ingredients going into a seasonal beer? What ninnies do the politicians responsible for this nonsense think we are? But then again there might be “dope” in that stuff. Closing off a harbor to watercraft is just plain spite. When it comes to illegals staging rallies on ground denied the rest of the public, whose side is Obama on? Let others perhaps imbued with more profound insight as to why “immigrants” should be allowed to do this quibble over the details and enlighten us. All have a right to free speech.

It was the veterans themselves with help from truckers and a prodding from talk show host Mark Levin who crashed through the barriers at the national World War II Memorial on Oct. 13. There are plenty of us here in Almost Heaven West Virginia with pitchforks ready should it become necessary to defeat another of Uncle Sam’s bogeymen.

Ultimately, the GOP will cave-in as it always does, but yet I remain mildly optimistic that enough people will see through Obama’s carnival barker flim-flam and put as much blame on this petty, fear-mongering man as they have the Republicans.

The crux of this whole foofaraw is of course Obamacare. More is at stake than popularity contests. I have not read the bill and neither have you nor have politicians plowing their grubby fingers through this monstrosity. But signs of buyer’s remorse are showing as damning provisions of this carelessly passed legislation unfold. Eventually the entire Affordable Health Care Act must be supplanted with something that works properly. As still free people we can do a lot better without big government meddling in our lives.

Gail A. Wickstrom