Edison schools deserve support

To the editor:

During my 37-plus years as an employee of Edison Local schools, I was always so pleased with the support and cooperation from the parents, grandparents, friends and community. There has, in my experience, been pride in our schools and in the accomplishments of our students.

The sign I put in my yard says “Together We Can” and this is so true. Allow me to point out some great reasons for supporting Issue 14. First, Edison’s dual enrollment is important for parents to know. Edison students have the opportunity to graduate with up to 40 college credits while in high school from our teachers who are adjunct professors. Second, Edison has cut $1.5 million during the past two years for a total of $3 million. Third, we have, in my opinion, the best students, the best teachers and the best families, and it is time that we come together and demonstrate Wildcat Pride. Fourth, even with all of the financial cuts, Edison still is the school in this county with the best overall state report card. This in itself proves the superiority of our students and our teachers.

I understand fully that with the financial difficulties of so many families that additional taxes can be a burden. But I also know that this is a district that pulls together when times get tough. We are Edison, and together we can. Sometimes those of us who have more have to step in and carry a little more of the financial responsibility. To coin an old phrase “circle the wagons” – I believe it is time for Edison voters to do just that.

Elizabeth Truax