Edison levy deserves support

To the editor:

Well, another fall has come – it is time again to vote. We get the privilege of voting evermore on a levy. I’m tired of voting about a levy that never seems to pass. Once, it was not like that. Our parents passed levies, built schools, provided busing and wonderful, well-qualified personnel.

It’s something – this voting “no.” In the 1940s, while we were involved in the Great War, the folks in the district voted to build the new high school near Richmond. In fact, nearly every village and town had a hometown school, built at taxpayers’ expense.

Our parents were filled with excitement in those days. They believed that America was going places and the folks of the area wanted their children to be among those who were “going.” They knew that to be among the top group they needed to provide for their children’s education.

Our parents understood that they had an obligation to their children, an obligation to provide the best education possible. Those folks said to the children, “We cannot provide you with a ‘Taj Mahal,’ but we will give you a solid, functioning facility. We will be sure that you have a qualified teaching staff and there will be transportation provided and the necessary instructional materials. We believe in America, and we believe in you.

To be sure, folks do not like to pay taxes. The Bible lumps tax collectors and sinners all together. It seems that there was, and still is, a disdain to be taxed. But taxes, then as now, are required to sustain a productive society.

Yes, for a few the bill will be substantial, but for the vast majority of us it will amount to about the same as 5 gallons of gasoline a month. That does not seem like it would break the budget. Please consider the educational needs of the Edison Local School District and support the levy this time.

C. Robert Meyer

Interim pastor

Hill Top Presbyterian Church