Candidates should attend meetings

To the editor:

It truly amazes me to see these upcoming new participants in the election with all their promises and sayings. Do they really think they know the inner runnings of the township?

Most have not even attended a meeting but two or three times. When the election comes, you may see them complaining and making promises, but where were they and what do they actually know? Don’t you have to attend meetings on a regular basis, or shouldn’t you attend, to even begin to understand concerns and problem solving?

All of a sudden they understand everything without even attending meetings. Too many rumors appear and that is a result of not attending meetings to really know what is happening. To attend is the beginning of honesty, to understand and attain knowledge of situations. Ask them how many meetings they attended, and I am sure it will be few, and I do mean few. Many will do and say anything to be in the running.

If you want to know, and have concerns, come out to the meetings and learn for yourself. That is the best way. Please do not listen to rumors, because that is what they are. My husband attended meetings for nine years straight before he even put his name in the hat.

Cathie Danko