Make sure your views are heard

To the editor:

All NRA members let the NRA speak for them and that is dangerous.

They have a lobby which calls our elected officials as soon as something happens so they are aware of their opinion on things. This buys power and influence.

Therefore, we need to call our elected officials as soon as something happens, as they need to hear from all viewpoints, not just that of the NRA.

You can get unlimited free calls nationwide on your landline or cell phone and call without additional cost to the regional, state or Washington, D.C., offices. The numbers of our elected officials are in the Herald-Star on Page 4A or 4B on some days.

Did you also know that many of the people calling and letting their voices be heard are anti-government? That means anti-you.

Please call so they don’t shut down a government that works for you, not against you. The NRA works against you, the government works for you, for all of us.

That is not an extreme idea, but is a rational and logical concept on which our nation is founded – freedom. Did you ever hear of paved roads and salt on the road in the winter? That is an example of a government that works for you, in a healthy way.

Moderate Republicans and Democrats have more in common with each other than with those extreme fanatics who are causing trouble every time they turn around.

Thomas Jefferson warned that we are in trouble when a party turns against the government. The conservative side of the Republican Party is being influenced by extremists. It is obvious, as they are against everything. They should be showing leadership by working in collaboration, but they have failed us.

They are controlling and blackmailing all Americans, much like the bully in school does, if left to one’s own devices. We would not put up with a bully in school, so why put up with them as our elected officials? Because we leave them to their own devices!

If you believe in democracy, tell your representatives what you want instead of letting the NRA be the only spokesperson on far more issues than gun control.

Thank you for participating in freedom, while we still have it.

Lorraine Floch