A look at the lighter side

To the editor:

On the lighter side:

Yucca Mountain will forever be known as ca-ca mountain, where they bury all the nuclear waste, waiting for it to ferment into a natural disaster.

G.W. Bush was a student of history. He skipped the chapter on the Vietnam action and invaded Iraq. That’s enough said about learning about history.

What is it that the elite conservative journalists and pundits Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity don’t understand about racism? When one has to defend himself on how much much they like the other race, it is racism. If insincere, the other race you are trying to like can feel the vibes. Who wants to face a person who pretends that he or she likes you?

There has been a minimum wage since the beginning of time. The sad part is that it’s been minimal because the private sector sets the rate.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely chilling if pundits started World War III with their go-to-war rhetoric? Do we have another Nero in the world of talk radio who will laugh hauntingly into the microphone as the world goes up in a nuclear holocaust?

With 19 states legalizing marijuana and more pending, cannabis will be the plant of choice among the flowers around many homes.

For children wanting to make a statement, forget the green and yellow hair and pierced nose and make straight A’s.

If government creates money out of nothing, what’s the difference if the price of gold is exaggerated? In an inflationary environment, a loaf of bread is going to cost $1,000 in paper of $1,000 in gold dust. One would be better off owning the bread factory and stocking up on yeast and flour.

Beware the pastor who preaches by scaring the hell out of you while trying to keep you out of hell. Listen to the liberal, social justice preacher, the one preaching that you should eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die. It’s in the Bible, honest (Ecclesiastes 8:15 and Isaiah 22:13.)

Steve Kopa