A few things to think about

To the editor:

OK, now that the Labor Day weekend has come to an end there are some things that get my attention. Sort of like things that make you go hmmm.

First, bad intersections. Let’s see, Mahans Lane and state Route 2, Pennsylvania Avenue and the new Weirton public school, Cove Road and Cove Hill Road and Harmon Creek Road, not to mention some others. If you were to ask the department of highways if it would upgrade these areas, the answer will simply be that it’s under study. Or, it’s not in this year’s fiscal budget. Yes, plan B is always the answer.

Second, the Kings Creek flood program. Oh, here’s a goody. Since we had a flash flood in Kings Creek, especially in 2009, we are boarding up houses in the Willow Street area. Perfect houses, but in the way of a watershed program? Come on.

Third, the Colliers Way bridge replacement. This should have been done years ago. With the development of property around the Weirton Medical Center area, this is a high priority project.

Fourth, the Marland Heights Pool. I hope this legend in its own time can be saved. Then, there are others who say its a waste of time. Of course, if I were to say that the former basic oxygen plant in the mill was going to be turned into an indoor amusement park, what would the response be?

Go figure.

Fifth, what about the multi-tasking drivers who are reading papers, putting on makeup, text messaging, eating breakfast, talking on your cell phone and engaging in abusive driving.

Whatever happened to the good old days?

Kevin Neverly