Washington must get out of the way

To the editor:

As the economy continues limping along, it is time for our government leaders to recognize that until they break their cycle of regulatory insanity, things are unlikely to change much. With more than 3,500 regulations in the the works – nearly 800 of them directly targeting small businesses – it is imperative that Congress and the Obama administration start considering sensible reforms.

The National Federation of Independent Business has proposed a number of common sense reform measures including additional transparency, better accountability, increased small business input and regulations grounded in hard science and objective data, that will encourage a pro-growth business environment where small business can expand operations.

How can small business owners in Ohio possibly be expected to plan for the future if they don’t know what costs the federal government will impose on them next? And, don’t forget that each year it’s small business that creates two-thirds of the net new jobs and account for 50 percent of U.S. GDP. If Washington continues to handcuff small businesses with onerous and unaffordable new rules that seek to serve only special interests and increase the size of an already bloated government bureaucracy, we will eventually see a reversal of this trend.

Our federally elected officials must make modernizing the federal regulatory system a priority. It’s time for Washington to get out of the way.

Albert F. Macre, CPA


Ohio NFIB Leadership

Council member